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This light gel replenishes skin cells with soothing pure aloe gel and rose water which acts as a natural humectant and holy basil extract with anti microbial properties.

Gently cleanses and removes makeup (yup! even the waterproof mascara and lipstick too). Made with pure essential oils of rose and Jasmine to nourish and hydrate the skin without stripping it of natural oils, an all natural way to remove makeup devoid of any chemicals, and preservatives ( don’t need to scrunch your lips or eyes to get rid of that waterproof makeup).

It is the perfect all natural way to get soft smooth skin and natural radiance. Made with pure sandalwood oil, sandalwood powder, Kashmir saffron oil, saffron infusion, kachur, which very gently exfoliates while olive oil to reveal soft and smooth skin.

This scrub gently clears away clogged pores, to reveal a fresher complexion with organic activated carbon derived from coconut shell, organic kashmir walnut shell and pure essential oils of cypress plant, green lime, neem and tulsi to gently drive away impurities from skin.

This pure facial mist made from steam distilled kannauj roses which results in lightly scented and hydrating concoction, devoid of any preservatives and artificial fragrance. It acts as an natural astringent which balances the skin’s natural ph, tightens pores and acts as a natural toner, A refreshing spritz which can be used at any time to get supple and naturally hydrated skin.

Indian lotus rejuvenating scrub. This natural scrub made with pure essential oil of Indian lotus for brightening of skin and mint leaf oil for sebum regulation .This scrub gently exfoliates the skin with organic walnut and almond shell to reveal radiant and polished complexion, and does not dry the skin.

Lavender lip butter with organic beeswax is an all natural way to get hydrated healthy lips, with pure lavender essential oil to stimulate circulation onto lips. It stays for 5-6 hours.

This hydrating cream nourishes the skin for fresh hydrated skin, with pure essential oil of Indian nargis flower. It nourishes without harmful chemicals and parabens. The light texture readily absorbs into layers of skin making it fresh and hydrated. With natural SPF.

The raw sugar scrub is used to gently exfoliate away dry and chapped lips, to reveal smooth plump and hydrated lips, with pure sweet orange essential oil and orange peel to get rid of darkening of the lips along with organic beeswax for hydration.

This natural cream with pure essential oil of holy basil and tulsi extracts, contains antimicrobial and skin purifying properties with moisture essence provides ultimate hydration with utmost natural care.

A purifying and retexturing face mask that leaves the skin glowing and refreshed. It revitalizes and refines the skin to restore. Its natural glow, it is made with a variety of natural, organic and potent herbs, to get that awesome natural glow. It is a non-foaming and non drying mask, made with age old traditional ayurvedic concoctions and of-course lots of love, to give the best skin treatment anybody ever had.

Vetiver has been used in traditional recipes to get a clear complexion and remove spots, with neem which has deep cleansing properties and Indian tulsi which has anti-microbial properties. This facial cleanser gently cleanses without stripping the skin of natural oils, without parabens and sulfates, in an all natural way.

After years of research in aromatherapy and Ayurveda, Prakritik Nature has come out with the best possible blends of essential oils, potent herbs, and extracts of plants and flowers for daily use by youngsters and elderly alike.


Aadya Botanicals, 909-Vrindavan Green Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh - 201005



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